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Med Tech 

Job Description

The primary role of the Med Tech is to administer medications and provide direct care to residents. The Med Tech Certified reports to the Supervisor in charge and the nursing team leader.




  • Pass medications according to physician orders and in accordance with facility policy. Administer accurately and timely.

  • Record medications administered in the resident’s record.

  • Notify pharmacy (or family when applicable) when medications need to be refilled.

  • Maintain a clean and organized medication cart and medication room.

  • Monitor and report any/all side effects of medications to the Supervisor.

  • Obtain/provide shift report. Record sufficient information related to medication administration to implement accurate changes to medication orders.

  • Follow comprehensive care plans related to medication administration based on each resident’s needs and his/her comprehensive assessment as assigned.

  • Participate in in-service education programs as assigned.

  • Follow facility Residents’ Rights policies and procedures at all times.

  • Promptly report changes in resident condition to the Supervisor.

  • Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.  Follow written and oral directions.

  • Report for work in a clean, neat uniform and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.  Report for work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.

  • Assume accountability for data contained in the employee handbook.

  • Perform all duties assigned in an effective, cooperative, timely and professional manner.

  • Follow infection control procedures.

  • Be responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.

  • Observe all facility policies and procedures.

  • Agree not to disclose assigned user ID and password for accessing resident/facility information. Promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Supervisor.

  • Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Supervisor.

  • Ensure that department computer workstations are properly logged off or the password protected screen-saver activates within established facility policy guidelines.

  • Report any known or suspected unauthorized attempt to access facility’s information system.

  • Report all accidents/incidents to Supervisor no matter how minor they may be. Report such occurrences on the shift in which they occur.

  • Consistently work cooperatively with residents, nursing staff, physicians, families, consultant personnel, community agencies and ancillary service providers.

  • Assist new employees in following established facility policies and procedures.

  • Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility information.

  • Report suspected resident abuse immediately to the Supervisor.

  • Complete a certain number of annual hours on in-service programs as designated by state regulations.

Authority is delegated to the individual in this position to:

  • Administer/pass medications to residents following facility policies and procedures.

  • Provide direct care to residents.

  • Report concerns/problems to Supervisor.


  • High School Graduate or equivalent

  • Successful completion of state Medication Technician Exam

  • Successful completion of 15 hour Medication Technician Class led by pharmacy

  • Successful completion of approved CNA or PCA program as required by state and/or federal regulations

  • CPR certified

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