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Transparent & Reliable Pricing

Many senior care communities have complicated pricing schemes that feature a base rent plus many other add-on charges or a base rent plus care level charges, or some similar combination. Often these additional charges amount to a significant portion of a resident’s total monthly expenses and cause a resident’s fee to fluctuate each month.


Oak Hill believes such pricing structures make it hard for residents to reliably plan for the costs of assisted living. Oak Hill’s pricing is simple & reliable.



Residents have 7 different room options to choose from that range from $3,000 - $7,000 per month. A resident’s monthly room rate covers ALL standard care and services.



Further, each resident receives a 2-year lock on her room rate upon admission. Consequently, a resident can move into the Community and know the cost for her room and all standard care and services for 2 years.

Price Model Comparison

We understand that senior care represents a tremendous cost families must carefully budget for. Many communities have pricing schemes that are difficult to navigate and often result in unpredictable prices. We have provided a breakdown below of the different types of pricing structures that are offered at our Community as well as other communities. At Oak Hill we have no hidden fees or expenses, a resident’s monthly room rate covers ALL standard care and services.

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Oak Hill Example

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses 


Room Rate: $5,000*


  • Cable included

  • Medication administration included

  • Transfer assistance included

  • Ambulation assistance included 

  • Incontinence assistance included

Total Monthly Fee = $5,000

*Oak Hill's room rates range from $3,000 to $7,000 per month depending on room type and size. Check out our Room Options page for more details and call us today for pricing.

Assisted Living 1 Example

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses 


Base Rent: $5,000

Additional Expenses

  • Cable = $100

  • Medication Administration $15/day = $450

  • Transfer assistance $5/day = $150

  • Ambulation assistance $5/day = $150

  • Incontinence assistance $15/day = $450


Total Monthly Fee = $6,300

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Assisted Living 2 Example

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses


Base Rent: $5,000

Additional Expenses

  • Cable = $100

  • Medication Administration $15/day = $450

  • Care Level Rate (covers assistance with transfer, ambulation and incontinence) = $2,000


Total Monthly Fee =  $6,550

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