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Admissions Process

We understand moving to assisted living can often seem overwhelming for prospective residents and their loved ones. As such, Oak Hill has sought to make admissions to the Community simple and straightforward. The following guide explains each step of our admissions process and identifies all admissions requirements.



If interested in Oak Hill, please schedule an admissions meeting with Alex Dishmon, Director of Admissions. Please email or call at 919.639.9000 ext. 301 or his mobile 910.232.5609.


If you prefer a virtual meeting, we will happily accommodate you, but we recommend in-person meetings for a more comprehensive experience. This meeting will cover the following items:


  • Your needs and the services you seek

  • Oak Hill’s services and prices

  • Tour of the building and grounds 

  • See different room configurations

  • Enjoy a private meal, if you choose

  • Answer any questions you may have about Oak Hill or assisted living in general

  • Complete admissions assessment, if applicable



Below are the 4 tasks / items that are required for admission to Oak Hill:

1. Assessment

Prior to admission, all prospective residents must undergo a short assessment to ensure Oak Hill can safely meet their needs. The Community’s Resident Care Director, a licensed nurse, will conduct a 10-20 minute assessment, carefully reviewing a prospect’s physical and mental needs; medical history; and current medications. 


You may elect to have your assessment completed during your admissions meeting at the Community or you may schedule your assessment for a separate time. You may also choose to have the assessment at your home or current location.

3. Community Fee

Oak Hill requires a one-time, non-refundable $5,000 Community Fee for new residents. This fee is not a security deposit and covers the Community’s costs related to your admission, room preparation, orientation, and initial assessment, as well as general costs associated with the upkeep of the Community. 


This fee must be paid before or at the time of the Residency Agreement execution.


2. Medical Examination FL-2 Form

North Carolina requires every individual to have a physician-signed FL-2 form completed no more than 90 days prior to admission to an assisted living or adult care home.


On this form a physician must recommend assisted living as the appropriate level of care for a prospective resident. Alex will answer any questions you may have regarding the form and can coordinate with your primary care provider to ensure its completion.

4. Residency Agreement

The last task you must complete before becoming an Oak Hill resident is executing your Residency Agreement. The Residency Agreement represents your contract with Oak Hill and defines all the terms of your residency. You and your appointed representative will sign the Agreement.


The Agreement may be executed in-person or electronically. Alex will take time to review all aspects of the Agreement prior to its execution.

Transparent & Reliable Pricing

Many senior care communities have complicated pricing schemes that feature a base rent plus many other add-on charges or a base rent plus care level charges, or some similar combination. Often these additional charges amount to a significant portion of a resident’s total monthly expenses and cause a resident’s fee to fluctuate each month.


Oak Hill believes such pricing structures make it hard for residents to reliably plan for the costs of assisted living. Oak Hill’s pricing is simple & reliable.



Residents have 7 different room options to choose from. Our semi-private rooms start at $3,500 and our private rooms range from $5,000 - $8,500 per month. A resident’s monthly room rate covers ALL standard care and services.

Price Model Comparison

We understand that senior care represents a tremendous cost families must carefully budget for. Many communities have pricing schemes that are difficult to navigate and often result in unpredictable prices. We have provided a breakdown below of the different types of pricing structures that are offered at our Community as well as other communities. At Oak Hill we have no hidden fees or expenses, a resident’s monthly room rate covers ALL standard care and services.

Elderly woman reads

Oak Hill Example

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses 


Room Rate: Starting at $3,500*


  • Cable included

  • Medication administration included

  • Transfer assistance included

  • Ambulation assistance included 

  • Incontinence assistance included

Total Monthly Fee = $3,500

*Oak Hill's room rates range from $3,500 to $8,500 per month depending on room type and size. Check out our Room Options page for more details and call us today for pricing.

Competitor 1 with Level of Care* Pricing

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses 


Base Room Rate: $2,000

Additional Expenses

  • Level of Care Rate = $2,000

  • Cable = $100


Total Monthly Fee = $4,100

*Level of Care covers assistance with medication administration, transfer, ambulation, and incontinence

Outdoor Reading

Competitor 2 with A La Carte Pricing

Jane Doe’s Monthly Expenses


Base Room Rate: $2,000

Additional Expenses

  • Cable = $100

  • Medication Administration $18/day = $540

  • Transfer Assistance $10/day = $300

  • Ambulation Assistance $10/day = $300

  • Incontinence Assistance $20/day = $600


Total Monthly Fee =  $3,840

Oak Hill Reserve

We are excited to announce a new program for prospective residents called Oak Hill Reserve. The program was created for prospective residents who are interested in securing a room at Oak Hill but may not yet have a firm move-in date. The Reserve List secures a room model of the resident's choice and guarantees the room rate at that time for up to 1 year. 


What does being on Oak Hill's Reserve List mean?

Oak Hill will reserve a room model of the prospective resident's choice for up to 1 year and guarantee the room rate at that time.


What are the benefits of being on the Reserve List?

Not only does it guarantee a specific room model at Oak Hill, but it also locks in the room rate at the time the prospective resident puts down the Reserve Fee. If rates go up over the next year, being on the Reserve List could save the prospective resident thousands in the long run.


How does a prospective resident get on the Reserve List?

A prospective resident must first put down a $5,000 Reserve Fee to get his/her name added to the list. Once the name is on the list, the prospective resident has 12 months to schedule an assessment with Oak Hill's nurse. Upon acceptance, the $5,000 Reserve Fee is put towards and covers the entirety of the Community Fee that would normally be due with admission acceptance.


What if the prospective resident is not approved for residency based on the assessment?

If the prospective resident is assessed within the 12 months and is not approved for residency, he/she will be issued a full refund. If no assessment is done within the year timeframe and the prospective resident does not remove himself/herself from the Reserve List, no refund will be issued.


What if the prospective resident changes his/her mind and wants to be removed from the Reserve List?

During the first six months a prospective resident may withdraw from the list and receive a full refund. Should the resident withdraw after six months but prior to the one year mark, Oak Hill will refund $2,500 of the Reserve fee. After one year, no refund will be issued.

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